UK holders of undeclared Swiss bank accounts have a decision to make

Webcast Date: Wednesday 19 October 2011

Live time: 3:00pm BST

The eagerly awaited UK/Swiss tax agreement was signed on the 6 October 2011. This agreement creates an urgent need for all UK individuals holding Swiss bankable assets, directly or indirectly, to take action.

Tax partner Steve Camm will be hosting this webcast and will be joined by tax investigations specialist Richard Clarke and financial services tax specialist Simon Leach. We'll discuss:

  • What your UK tax compliant clients need to understand to avoid excessive taxation.
  • What your clients with unpaid UK tax liabilities need to consider to regularise their tax affairs in a cost effective way.
  • The new requirement for non-dom certification.
  • How the Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility could be used.

  • What the UK/Swiss tax agreement means for the policies and procedures of banks with Swiss operations.

Please note: This page will automatically redirect you to the webcast five minutes before the scheduled live time. If you are not automatically redirected, please hold down CTRL and F5 on your keyboard to force through the webcast.


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