Knowing the risks - UK Bribery Act and Emerging Markets

Webcast Date: Monday 12 March 2012

Live time: 10.00am GMT

In this webcast we will discuss the UK Bribery Act and the implications for doing business in India.

We will begin with a short introduction to the UK Bribery Act. The majority of the webcast will focus on the specific integrity risks faced when operating in India. We will discuss issues as they relate to culture, politics, facilitation payments, government officials and dealing with subcontractors.

Viewers are encourage to ask questions of the presenters live during the webcast. If you have a question for which you would prefer a direct response, please feel free to email us at and we'll respond after the webcast.

Should you require more detailed knowledge about the UK Bribery Act, you can visit our website at We recommend downloading our featured publication called 'Will you act now or pay later?' and reviewing the 'Principles for bribery prevention' webcast series.

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