Executive pay: the impact of change

Webcast Date: Wednesday 18 January 2012

Live time: 3.00pm GMT

Executive pay is headline news, faces growing scrutiny and change seems inevitable. Later this month we’re expecting the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) to make its final announcement on narrative reporting requirements for UK companies, following on from the consultation process which closed in November 2011.

A lot of the focus of the BIS consultation has been on how companies report on pay. We’re expecting a number of changes to the way UK companies are required to disclose remuneration. In addition, changes are likely in the way shareholders vote on pay, and possibly also in how employees are involved in the executive remuneration process. Further changes through best practice and governance guidelines are also on the cards. In our live webcast, we’ll say what we're expecting in the announcement – from the widely-touted binding shareholder vote to some of the more controversial ideas - and explore the impact these changes could have on executive pay in the UK. What do they mean for your business? And how could they affect the attractiveness of the UK as a place to do business?

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